Sustainable Development Solutions Network

United Nations launched Sustainable Development Solutions Network in September. 10 working groups will be composed of leading scientists and practitioners from academia, civil society, and business. They will be solution-oriented with the goal being to spur governments and the public toward practical solutions to the greatest challenges of sustainable development as follows:

  1. Prospects for Global Growth, Population and Planetary Boundaries
  2. Poverty Reduction and Peace-Building in Fragile Regions
  3. Gender Equality, Social Inclusion, and Human Rights
  4. Education, Technology, and the Future of Jobs
  5. Universal Health Coverage
  6. De-Carbonizing the Energy System
  7. Agriculture, Nutrition, and Ecosystem Services
  8. Smart, Healthy, and Productive Cities
  9. Good Governance of Extractive Resources
  10. Governance of Oceans, Biodiversity, and Other Global Commons
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