Why do we collectively create results nobody wants? I refer to the wicked problems around us – such as climate change, our commodities produced by child labour, and a huge gap between rich and poor.

Education has a key role to play in order to solve these problems. What kind of education do we need when targeting human dignity on the finite planet now and in the future?

In economically developed countries improvements in material affluence do not translate into improved subjective well-being. Instead subjective well-being is enhanced when people experience connection to others.

We need societal change in order to have flourishing life now and in future. This change is a way from materialism to postmaterialism. Non-material things can grow forever. There is no limits with these kind of soft goals of life. Studies show that people who have developed capasity to experience themselves and others in a nonjudgmental way enjoy better subjective well-being and have more ecologically sustainainable lifestyles.

If people properly reflected on their values, especially what is ultimately good for those they care about, most of the wicked problems would be resolved? For example – I guess – we would prioritize social relationships to material things.

We have started international research project Education for a Changing World. Please read more about the project at http://www.sitra.fi/en/news/education/meet-authors-sustainability-well-being-and-future-education